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                 The packers and movers will take away all your belongings while shipping, but what about your car? If you’re going to college, or you have got a new job across the country, or maybe you are changing houses, taking your car to the new location is a hassle. It’s not possible to drive it all the way to another part of the country. This is where car shipping corporations come into the picture. And in case you’re in and around Vancouver,  we are here to offer a great auto transport experience! 

What Makes Us the Best Shipping Company in Canada?

Skilled Drivers

To ship your car with a full guarantee of safety and security, we have included only highly skilled drivers on our team. They know well about how to reach the destination fast, without any obstacles coming in between. With detailed practical knowledge about the best routes and the methods of transport, our drivers ensure that your vehicle remains as safe as possible, and reaches you within the given time frame. 

Trusted Carriers

No matter which method of shipping you opt for, we have a chain of immensely trusted carriers who not only ensure security but also take the entire responsibility of the shipping process, so that you have a seamless experience. 

Shipping with Care

We treat your precious cars with all the care and attention that you give them. From the moment we pick up your car to the time we ship it to the destination– it’s all our responsibility. Nobody will treat your vehicle with as much caution as us. 

Knowledge and Experience

We have been involved with the auto transport business for multiple years now. With long years of service to the industry, we have gained a great amount of insight into what it takes to become the top-rated company. 

Wide Range of Services

At Vancouver Car Shipping, we offer a wide range of services, starting from city-to-city shipping, on-time pick-up and delivery, premium arrangements for shipping antique and vintage cars, and international transport, to mention a few. Whether you want to ship via land, air, or ocean, we can do it all for you. 

All Types of Vehicles

You may own a car, a bus, an SUV, a van, or a motorcycle, we have the provisions to ship all types of vehicles. Different vehicles require different shipping methods, to ensure that their safety is never compromised. We have adequate resources and skills to handle different types of commercial and domestic rides. So whether it’s a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, we can deal with everything with equal expertise. 


With amateur companies, you may have to take a lot of trouble before you finally get your car delivered to your doorstep. But with us, the process is hassle-free and quick. We will help you out not only with the shipping procedure but also with all the prepping that you need to do beforehand. From taking care of the documents to arranging for an efficient carrier, the headache is all on us. You can sit at home and relax, and we will do all the hard work on your behalf. 

Timely Services

When you hire us for car shipping, we will transport it as fast as we can. You won’t have to wait forever to see your vehicle once again. You only have to allow us the amount of time it takes to drive to the location. In the case of shipping across the country, the duration is much less than international shipping. Whenever you contact us, we will enquire about your present location and destination point and will provide you with an approximate date of delivery. 

Covered by Insurance

Going by the laws, we offer insurance coverage for your vehicles. We believe that it’s always a good idea to take safety measures beforehand. With our company, you can expect smooth and seamless shipping, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t go the extra mile to offer protection for your possession. If any mishaps take place, you won’t have any monetary loss, as you will be backed by our premium insurance package.


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